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What you will discover and continuously xii origins of the secrets Jade statue of a naked kneeling person, both arms above the head upon which sits a large spirit bird. Tantra and spiritual sexu- ality is about the dynamics between men and women. The play between men and women in the sexual context either limits or allows things to happen—it is more than mundane sexuality. The Tantric tradition, both Hindu and Buddhist, emphasizes the natural interrela- tionship of microcosm and macrocosm, the "inner" and "outer" realities.

These tradi- tions developed an evolved sexual-yogic technology that focused on love postures, breath control, the repetition of power syl- lables and phrases Mantras , and visualiza- tions. These intentional, practical, or ritual acts, all done in an ordered way, are the foun- dation of Tantric practice and are conceived of as a "weaving together" of the objective and subjective aspects of individual reality, as a means to overcome the endless cycle of rebirth and to evolve spiritually.

The Tantric and Taoist traditions explored and developed precise techniques for chan- neling and transforming sexual energy into the bliss of Liberation. It was believed that the generative powers of nature could be stimulated and directed by following precise sexual practices that were considered to be highly potent and auspicious. Many discov- eries of the last twenty years support these radical views of sexuality. Many Tantric practices are found among Australian Aboriginal peoples. Unfortu- nately we don't have good archeological evi- dence of these practices because such archaic cultures mostly used wood, and the ethno- graphic material about Aborigines is often contradictory.

However, the Australian Ab- original peoples are related to the archaic Indian tribal peoples, and they speak related languages. Very recently, new archeological findings have shown that the first people to inhabit America were Austra- lian Aborigines who crossed the Pacific by boat. More than fifty Aboriginal skulls, over 12, years old, have been discovered in Brazil and Colombia. In Western Australia a cave painting of a large oceangoing vessel has turned out to be 20, years old. In Voices of the First Day: Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime , author Robert Lawlor shows that archaic shamanistic, magical, and Tantric yoga practices still exist among Small carved black jade amulet of a couple in seated intercourse.

They hold hands and lean back in a posture that allows gentle rocking back and forth. This is an effective technique that helps gradually build orgasm in the female while aiding the delay of orgasm in the male. It is described in both Taoist and Tantric teachings. In this rare early rendering the woman has an unusual hairstyle or headpiece reminiscent of the cowls seen on some Paleolithic sculptures found in Europe. The man's face has an intense and ecstatic expression. Hongshan culture, northeastern China, circa to B. Jade statuette of a naked pregnant woman, her hair piled up on top of her head and both hands raised up and held together at her chest, as if in prayer.

C Private collection. An important Neolithic jade carving of a couple in a ritual act of love. The woman lies back, her hair covered by a ceremonial scarf or cowl, her breasts heaving, and her facial expression serene. She holds the hands of her partner, who kneels between her partially raised legs with his head titled back and an ecstatic expression on his face.

Overall, the dynamic yet sensitively treated sculpture conveys a mood of passionate sensuality and deep spirituality associated with Taoist archaic traditions. Hongshan culture, Inner Mongolia, circa B. Aboriginal Australian painting on bark, depicting three "Rainbow Serpents. The Aborigi- nal Dreamtime imagery of Rainbow Ser- pents, energy fields, connected plexuses, and so-called X-ray imagery is reminiscent of the secret mythology, symbolism, and rites of Tantra, and its artistic expression is now re- ferred to as Tantric art.

One of the most consistent features that connects Tantra with archaic pagan spiritual cultures the world over is belief in the effi- cacy of magical rites. These rites are com- monly conducted over actual or symbolic representations of the sexual organs and in- volve the repetition of power Mantras, the making of mystic gestures, and "worship" by offering sensual ingredients such as food, drink, flowers, scent, music, dance, and sex, with the aim of attracting and pleasing higher spiritual energies, thereby obtaining mystic powers or spiritual blessings.

Many of the pre- cious artifacts recovered from sites once in- habited by archaic peoples still seem to reso- nate with the original transcendental visions of their makers. Though but fragments of the distant past, these timeless treasures open doors to spiritual dimensions. In addition to these archeological discov- eries, the last twenty years has also brought forward a large amount of new information, covering a broad spectrum of topics, that al- lows the "secrets" in this book to be much more available and relevant to today's world.

Psychological studies have now firmly estab- lished the androgynous reality underpinning the human psyche. Sexual dysfunction is no longer a taboo topic. Recent research on the chemistry of sex now points to the compel- ling role of sex hormones in defining the dynamics of sexual relationships.

There have been enormous advances in our understanding of the significance of nu- trition, lifestyle, and environment to our health and overall well-being and the im- pact of these factors on sexual performance. And there have also been important new dis- coveries in traditional holistic health such as Ayurveda, Siddha, and Chinese medical sys- tems, notably in the fields of natural hormonal therapy, herbal-mineral aphrodisiacs, and lon- gevity science Kayakalpa.

Tantric and Tao- ist teachings can now be recognized beneath the surface of these disciplines. All these trends have enhanced and in- formed the "secrets" in this book. The cli- mate is now so receptive to these traditions and teachings that we are delighted to be able to bring out an edition of Sexual Secrets in full color to celebrate and enhance the rich- ness of this tradition.

May this be Auspicious! I still re- call vividly my level of excitement when I met Nik Douglas and started expressing some of my most heartfelt inner revelations about relationships and sexuality. It was then that I found a profound mirror in the body of wis- dom known as Tantra—not a wisdom based on secondhand knowledge, but the deep wis- dom of experience, tried and tested in the alchemical vessel of real practice.

What a joy it was for me to find such a point of refer- ence that resonated with my own direct experience! It was from this fecund soil that Sexual Secrets took form. Initially we felt that the "secrets" were meant only for advanced prac- titioners, not the uninitiated. On the other hand our feeling was that this knowledge and understanding could do nothing but good if it was disseminated—and that people would only be able to absorb that which they were ready to receive.

After all, I myself had re- ceived such an enormous blessing through this connection, couldn't we share this far and wide? Twenty years later, this approach seems to have held true. Even now I can open the book and learn something new. In our play of Yin and Yang, Nik represented the accrued knowledge that he had gathered from years of dedicated study in the field, and I the artis- tic conduit helping to channel the secrets into a highly visual and accessible form.

I remain very happy with our labor of love. So, why an anniversary edition at the dawn of a new millennium? I firmly believe, and it is a growing and expanding belief, that Tantra is the spiritual path of choice for the new millennium. By its very nature one of the meanings of the word Tantra is to ex- pand , Tantra has the built-in potential for expansion. What we have seen of Tantra is how it has arisen and blossomed in Eastern cultures—and what a beautiful blossoming it has been!

But now we have the opportu- nity to see how the seeds of Tantra can take root and grow in other cultures in the world. Non-sectarian, oblivious to caste and creed, Tantra of- fers us a new global kind of spirituality that is available to anyone who wishes to consciously reunite with spirit in the weave of their total exist- ence. Tantra is the supreme path. Unfortunately, many in the West who are discovering Tantra are under the misconcep- tion that it is the "religion of sex.

Also, although this book focuses primarily on the sexual application of the principles of Tantra, Tantra is by no means limited to sex. It just includes sexuality in its tool kit for transfor- mation and liberation rather than excluding it as do most major religions. Tantra as a way of life is a means of approaching every aspect of worldly existence as an act of worship. Tantra also opens us up to the realm of the Goddess.

As the energies of the planet shift into the new alignments of the millen- nium, the feminine spirit is reemerging as the active principle in this much needed change. In the spiritual arena, Tantra stands supreme in giving the Goddess her due. Shakti is seen as the active principle of cre- ation moving through everything and hon- ored as such. When we penetrate to the eso- teric heart of most major religions, we find the Gnostic balance of male and female in the core, but Tantra expresses it through ev- ery level of its teachings. The Goddess, as the feminine face of God, is here to help us reintegrate flesh and spirit, heart and mind—as above so below.

Here is our chance to cut through all the dualistic thinking that has kept us in bondage for cen- turies. All this shame and guilt and separat- ing doing good from feeling good. The Goddess energy is coming to the planet to help us change all that and reveal to us that it is all sacred. Given the gift of freedom of choice, it is up to us as humans to choose this path of evolution—the wise and fruitful choice, and to understand that In this love-making posture the woman holds her left hand in a gesture used to channel sexual energy and prolong orgasm. From a Chinese painting of the eighteenth century.

The Goddess is here to unite flesh and spirit. Shakti and her consort exploring the secrets. For all the techniques and practices revealed in Sexual Secrets, the main thing to remember is that it's all love in the end. Love is the door- way, the portal, and the key. It is time for us all to assume those glowing mantles of love.

Not that needy, clinging, clutching for love, but fully manifesting being love. That is love and freedom joined together. That is the new paradigm for our age, and Tantra is the tool to get us there. Tantra can help us to remove the obstacles that block that free flow- ing energy, allowing us to move into the ra- diance of our fully potentialised selves.

We all arrived on this planet through a close encounter of the sexual kind. The gate- way of sexuality when viewed as sacred eroti- cism, can become the portal through which to be reborn and spiritualize one's whole ex- istence. Bring divine love to the bedroom and let it percolate through one's whole ex- istence.

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Fill it all with love. When they unite, these experiences and materials can be distilled into a vision of and a harmonization with the dynamic unity underlying all of re- ality. For centuries this vision of unity has been obscured by individuals and institutions that have promoted a schism between body and mind, between religious feelings and sexuality.

The fear of mysticism has only been overshadowed by the fear of the inherent lib- erating power of human sexuality. The very repression of both mysticism and sexuality in the West serves only to reflect their secret marriage. For it is in sexual union that the ecstatic and uplifting experience of the mys- tic comes within reach of all who love. This ecstatic experience feeds a spontaneous spiri- tual awareness that dissolves conventions and frees the spirit to seek its origin. Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Ecstasy is the definitive study on sex and mysticism.

No book of this magnitude has ever appeared on this subject, representing as it does a major as well as a vital contribution to our understand- ing of sexuality. It explores the path of love and mysticism, drawing upon the heritage and wisdom of the great cultures of the East. Cre- ated by a couple writer and artist , it is meant to be experienced as well as read.

Sexual Secrets is based on more than two thousand years of authoritative Oriental texts on medicine, philosophy, and sexual prac- tices, many never before seen, let alone trans- lated, in the West. Nik Douglas studied Ori- ental art, philosophy, medicine, and related sexual practices while living for eight years in the Himalayas. He studied with Indian physicians, adepts of Tantra, and Tibetan lamas and at the same time mastered San- skrit as well as the Tibetan lan- guage. He has drawn upon a unique blend of living experience and a fa- cility with ancient tongues to make these texts as vital and contemporary as they were when first written.

Penny Slinger has created more than five hundred illustrations to enhance the experi- ence of the text. Her arwork is accompanied by numerous period examples of erotic im- agery from Nik Douglas's private collection. Illustrations of more than two hundred sexual postures are included to create a complete illustrated Kama Sutra, Ananga Ranga, and the major Taoist love treatises, all of which have been newly translated. Drawing from some of the finest examples of Tantric art and working from life, Penny Slinger has cre- ated a completely new style of erotica that blends the images of the West and the senti- ments of the East.

This artistic achievement crowns the greatest and most diverse collec- tion of illustrations expressing the erotic sen- timent ever to be published. The fruit of more than a decade of re- search, Sexual Secrets heralds the marriage of love and mysticism, presenting a natural lifestyle, philosophy, and practice in which the alchemy of love produces the ecstasy of liberation.

EHUD C. During erotic kissing the couple exchange saliva. Taoism credits female saliva with life-giving properties. From a Japanese print by Shimokobe Shusui, circa Three indeed are the pursuits that should be followed by every person. These are the pursuit of life, the pursuit of transcendence, and the pursuit of prosperity.

Indeed, the Eastern view is that no learning is complete without a thorough knowledge of the sexual principles underly- ing all existence. Eastern metaphysical tradi- tions make use of the mystery of sexuality as a means to the transcendental experience of Unity. The feeling of Oneness, achieved during or following the sexual act, is the most universally accessible mystical experience. The sexual secrets revealed in this book are the legacy of several converging tradi- tions.

These secrets are mentioned or im- plied in the early magical texts of the ancient Egyptians and in the mystical writings of the Hebrews, Greeks, and Arabs. A study of the alchemical books of medieval Europe reveals a continuation of this tradition and experi- ence, often taking the form of inspired ro- mantic or mystical poetry, generally couched in allegory. Arabian songs and writings on the theme of love are replete with sexual el- ements which can best be understood by trac- ing in them the influences of the East.

It is evident that all Occidental teachings of tran- scendence through actual or allegorical eroti- cism find their origin in the Orient. We have been particularly fortunate in having had the opportunity to explore the theoretical and practical aspects of the sexual secrets with Eastern masters. Furthermore, we have drawn on our own personal experience, Song symbolizes Mantra and dance symbolizes meditation.

So, singing and dancing, the Yogi always acts with potency. We have translated texts directly from the Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Chi- nese, and wherever possible have scrupulously sought out authentic sources. The alchemy of ecstasy is extremely simple and, at the same time, intricately complex. This paradox should not dissuade the earnest seeker, since the sexual secrets are here presented in a sequence help- ful to practical use.

The sexual secrets for consciously induc- ing and maximizing the experience of ec- stasy are most eloquently presented in the Taoist tradition of China. The Tantric teach- ings of India evolved synchronously and there was a two-way exchange of techniques and ideas. Tibet received the teachings from both India and China, perfecting the mysteries over a millennium. We consider the Taoist and Tantric traditions as representing the most clear and directly relevant sexual secrets for the present-day needs of the West.

The decision to compile and synthesize the sexual secrets into a concise contemporary context was inspired by our observation of the changing attitudes toward sexuality in our society. The growing interest in the expan- sion of consciousness and self-awareness has led many to search for liberation through sexu- ality. Sexual taboos and inhibitions have been broken through in an effort to free sensual enjoyment from feelings of guilt.

While this is a step in the right direction, it is dangerous unless accompanied by emotional maturation. Liberation, especially sexual liberation, must be oriented in a positive spiritual di- rection. If not, when the novelty of new sexual experiences has worn off, emptiness and meaninglessness inevitably result. Western psychiatrists and psychologists have remarked on the increasing in- cidence of this feeling of emptiness as the root of neurosis in our all- permissive society and are aware of the need to help reestablish meaning and creative direction in the life of the individual.

Partly in response to the feeling of spiritual emptiness, the West has become conscious of the validity and pro- found insight of East- ern mystical practices. Yoga and meditation have become household words. The proliferation of encounter groups, sensitivity training, T'ai Chi, Transcendental Meditation, Gestalt Therapy, and other awareness therapies throughout the United States and Europe has resulted from an authentic need to recover a deeper, more conscious experience of life. Unfortunately, the long-established norms of sexual behavior in the West have created psychological barriers that restrict inner growth.

These "hang-ups," inculcated by parents and social institutions, have doomed many people to lives of permanent frustra- tion. A desperate attempt to conform to a conventional, though possibly unnatural, "norm" of sexual behavior restricts individual development and may lead to furtive per- version and damaging guilt feelings. Yet an honest breaking with the expected standard, in a bid for personal liberation, might have led, up until recently, to alienation or even ostracism. Thus, many have seen the need to expand the parameters of the norm, to cut away the restrictions of convention and the limitations of habit.

By exploring the sexual potential of ourselves and others, we can come to consciously know the alchemy of ecstasy. It is our opinion, and the philo- sophical assumption of this work, that this process of self-development should be un- dertaken in a spiritual context, with a sense of purpose and higher direction.

Only in recent years has the West become aware of the depth of wisdom expressed in the Tantric and Taoist teachings concerning sexuality. Unfortunately, however, the sud- den surge of interest in this largely esoteric literature has brought with it numerous mis- conceptions about sexual practices. These misconceptions have arisen from an igno- rance of the subtle or allegorical meanings of many parts of the original texts, which were a carefully guarded secret only revealed to those who had successfully passed initiation rites.

Furthermore, the bulk of the literature has only been accessible to scholars, with the result that lay people have had insufficient opportunity to explore the original material. A secondhand and often inaccurate acquain- tance with the teachings has led Western sex- ologists and popular writers on sexual oc- cultism to jump to premature and often erroneous conclusions. The core experience of Tantra is the sexual secrets. Tantra is a philosophy, a science, an art, and a way of life whereby sexual energy is Cranes with joined Necks.

From a Japanese print attributed to Tsukioka Settei, circa King Nadir Shah in union with a favorite concubine. From a miniature painting in the collection of the King of Nepal, circa The mys- tical treatises, known as the Tantras, contain a broad spectrum of practical techniques for en- hancing sexual awareness and achieving tran- scendence.

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The hidden potency of the sexual act is the seed of all creativity. Through an un- derstanding of the practical teachings of Tantra, a whole new experience of life opens up. Emperors, kings, and queens had one stan- dard of sexuality for themselves and another standard for their subjects. The sexual secrets were, in the past, reserved for rulers and ini- tiates, who needed to wield power intelli- gently.

Power was achieved through sexual experiences that served to strengthen vital- ity. The energy found in these practices was consciously channeled to enhance integrity, clarity, and wisdom. The well-being and prosperity of a coun- try was once believed to be directly related to the vitality of the king. The sexual se- crets were not readily available to the gen- eral population, although they did find ex- pression in Spring festivals, fertility rites, and forms of pagan worship.

Paganism had sexual energy as its firm foundation; many of the rites and rituals were based on a pro- found understanding of sexuality. We did not write this book for those who wish to gain power over others by manipu- lating or using the power of sex for purely worldly ends. The sexual secrets should not be used selfishly. Many of these secrets have been jealously guarded to protect against their misuse. This concealment has resulted in the gradual dispersion of half-truths about mystic sexuality, Tantra, and Taoism, which, in the long run, has done more harm than good.

Therefore, we are revealing knowl- edge that in the past has required initiation, as we believe the ethical cornerstone of this teaching is individual responsibility. Ulti- mately, progress in Tantric evolution is barred to those who have not shouldered this responsibility. This is a book for couples or individuals wanting to become couples. It is for those who wish to use the sexual bond as a means to liberation and who desire to transcend the limits of the individual self.

It is especially for those to whom love and trust are syn- onymous and who wish to give, as well as take. The sharing of the ecstatic experience is the key that unlocks the sexual secrets. Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu, symbolic of the creative, transcendental, and preserving powers, respectively. Linked to birth, death, and life, these three forces together evoke the Subtle Body of Tantra. From a stone sculpture, Hoysala, Halebid, India, circa twelfth century. This triad is the Creative, the Transcendental, and the Pre- server.

In our existence these principles cor- respond to birth, death, and life. They occur at both material and psychological levels and are the underlying basis of the universe, which is in a constant state of flux. In the Tantric cosmology these forces are formal- ized as three aspects of one single Divine Unity.

Each of these forces is understood as inseparable from a feminine energy counterpart or Shakti. According to Tantra, every higher principle can only exist through a combination of male and female. Saraswati is the patroness of the arts, Kali the initiatress into transcendence, 4 introduction The chart on page 4 is a convenient ar- rangement of their relationships. The Tantric neophyte should come to grips with these three basic principles. Their anthropomorphic conceptualization should not present an obstacle to understanding.

The triadic conception of the Divine is an arche- type found in Christianity, Buddhism, Tao- ism, Islam, and even in Kabbalistic Judaism. Folk myths throughout the world contain references to threefold forces underlying all phenomena and evolution. The first part of this book deals with the theme of the Creative and examines the posi- tive attitudes and actions necessary to the seeker after Liberation. The creative is like a seed containing the potential for growth into a fully realized life. It is symbolized by a golden aura, an "egg," of positive energy. The preparations and proper mental attitudes for beginning on a Tantric lifestyle are clearly outlined.

Here we tell of the "Sixty-four Arts" and their role in delighting the senses. Foremost of the arts is the "Art of Love," without which no creative activity would be possible. The medium of this noblest of arts is the human body and its sense organs. We therefore consider the senses in this role and explicate the cosmic function of such mun- dane activities as seeing, smelling, hearing, and touching.

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We tell of the important an- cient traditions concerning self-examination, psychological attitude, Yoga technology, food, drink, exercise, bathing, sleep, dreams, circulation of energy, massage, meditation, and ritual acts. The context of sexuality is constantly brought to bear. This first part of the book is intended to open the reader to higher possibilities. Some of the concepts will no doubt be familiar, while others will seem unusual or even ex- traordinary. However, we believe that, with the intuition open, everyone is able to re- ceive the understanding of the sexual secrets.

Theory is always enhanced by practical ap- plication, so try to adapt your lifestyle to enable the teaching to take on a personal meaning. The sexual secrets are best received in the spirit of initiation. The central part of this book considers the theme of the Transcendental and takes the form of an intimate dialogue between a Tantric couple spontaneously producing the sexual secrets from the ecstasy of union. Af- ter a prolonged period of love-making, the couple identify themselves, through self- worship, with their divine counterparts, Shiva and Shakti.

The couple are now exalted to god and goddess, and they begin the trans- mission of the sexual secrets. Generally it is the woman Shakti, repre- senting intuitive Wisdom-energy who in the Tantras asks the man Shiva, symbolic of tran- scendental power to reveal the sexual se- crets. His viewpoint is that of a "Lord over Death," the Supreme Yogi who has known everything.

In the Buddhist Tantric tradition it is Buddha who converses with a Wisdom- goddess; in the Chinese Taoist counterpart, a mythical emperor talks with his Celestial- lady. The message is the same: an esoteric transmission of the function and practices of sexuality. Traditionally, in Tantra, the innermost secrets are revealed and conveyed through the form of intimate dialogue. This practice ensures that the meaning of the teaching is understood spontaneously.

Often, in texts of such dialogues, the meaning is concealed by allegory or a kind of "twilight language" of riddles. All lovers share an intimate vocabu- lary, the meaning of which is often known only to themselves. An outsider, hearing their conversation, would be at a loss to under- stand them.

In Tantra this protects against misuse of potent information. In Part 2 of the book we explore the sexu- ality of the couple. The meaning of sexual- ity and the power of transcendence are dis- cussed. The sexual secrets revealed include the meaning of the Shiva and Kali arche- types, mystic forms, sexual fantasy, magical practices, visualization, teachings on fasting, abstinence, orgasm, drugs, and sexual al- chemy. There are other topics covered also, in answer to questions raised by reading the first and third parts of the book.

Part 2 will serve as a second initiation to the reader. Here is "heart talk," direct and spontaneous. The third and final part of the book con- cerns the theme of the Preserver. In Hindu cosmology Lord Vishnu preserves everything that Brahma has created. As the Lord of all cosmic play, it is Vishnu's constant desire to preserve life and stimulate eros; the goddess Lakshmi, embodiment of all prosperity, is his wife.

Here we consider the path of love in all its manifold activities and explore the joy of sexual awareness. The practical applications of secret tech- Ganesha with his consort Siddhi representing supernormal power. This Tantric form of the Elephant Lord symbolizes the awakening of sexuality and spiritual ideals. From a stone carving, South India, circa fourteenth century. Padmasambhava, the Indian Tantric master who established Tantric Buddhism in Tibet in the eighth century, in ecstatic union with his consort.

This mystic form celebrates the unity of celestial Voidness with terrestrial Wisdom. From a Tibetan painting of the nineteenth century. We ex- amine the natural cycles of love-making, the esoteric teachings and rituals of love, reten- tion, mutual absorption, ejaculation, oral sex, sapphism, homosexuality, and other aspects of sexuality included within the vast litera- ture of Tantra and Taoism. Our aim has been to update and simplify the information con- tained in esoteric traditions and make it avail- able in a form practicable for the present time.

Throughout this book we quote exten- sively from authoritative texts to support or illustrate our theme. Wherever possible we have consulted the manuscripts in their origi- nal language and compared texts of different periods. In most cases we have retranslated rather than use existing English renderings. We consulted numerous rare books, manu- scripts, and paintings to bring together the material for this work. Though the sources are varied, there is a consistency of tone, a direct and spontane- ous awareness of the cosmic function of sex, which carries the ring of truth.

Tantric and Taoist teachings are generally free of sexual inhibition or repression. It is remarkable that such esoteric material, preserved in so many independent traditions, should have this com- mon ground. Illustrations have been created to augment the experience of the text and help in the transmission of the sexual secrets. Many of the illustrations rendered were drawn from works originally commissioned by kings and emperors that now are in private collections or museums throughout the world.

Others are from traditional Chinese, Japanese, or In- dian sources. Numerous published collections have been consulted and the elements pertaining to the Tantric and Taoist teaching extracted. In doing this we have covered a vast time spectrum, from the ancient to the contem- porary, encompassing a variety of media, from temple carvings to Tibetan paintings, employed to express the erotic sentiment. Some of the illustrations have grown di- rectly out of our involvement with the ex- ploration of material for this book.

We have researched modern forms of sexual expres- sion and created new images that are condu- cive to the elevation of the senses. The draw- ings are unique works in themselves and represent, as does the text, a gathering to- gether of many streams leading to the same source. The present time calls for the sexual se- crets to be made available to all without dis- tinction, clearing the way for responsible seekers to experience their latent potentials.

Each one of us has come into this world through the power of a sexual act. Every person who has experienced sexual love has had at least the taste of ecstasy. Our own journey into the sexual secrets has deepened and enriched our relationships. By becoming aware of the sexual secrets and applying them to practical everyday life, we hope that our readers will fully experience the alchemy and ecstasy of love.

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Temples were built to praise and worship the divine feminine all over the world. But lately the Dakinis received a calling from the earth who is deeply in need for their powers. My mission as an embodied Dakini is to remind my sisters of their original essence within and help them reclaim their true nature, their power, their light and their freedom! I invite you to take a moment and feel into yourself: Did any of the above resonate with you? There is no such thing as coincidence, dear sister. If you have been intrigued to continue reading this information is for you! The world is deeply in need for us, dear sister!

It is time — now! Maybe you have experienced violence and trauma. Whatever it is that made you dim your light — we will find it and bring it back home! Discover simple yet endlessly powerful Tantric and Taoist techniques to raise your sexual energy — your creative life force energy itself Tantra is both a deeply spiritual, philosophical AND practical approach to life and sexuality.

We have been incredibly gifted by entering this world. There is NO reason why we should deny the gift of sexuality. Drop me a line to arrange your first free coaching session. Incredible Results in just 12 Weeks! How and why you will get incredible results in just 12 weeks. Integrated Embodiment Coaching creates wholeness where once was fragmentation. This is the secret to true and lasting change. The Concrete Tools and Techniques. Start with very gentle to uch.

You use close to no pressure in the beginning. You can as well stretch the practice to 30 min once you both want to dive. This is only a guide line. You are free of course to play with a session's. It is usually better to have a few short lingam massages spread during the. Simply following your instincts will guide you to the exact pleasure moves. Keep it ideally to only a few questions max in a session otherwise, you'll. Start with very gentle moves always and if you ad rhythm and pressure keep.

If he wants to move, grab you to have intercourse with you, it's always. Let him know that you will give him space to give back to you either after. Show delight and pleasure in what you are doing and get him to trust the. If he gives you feed back and has some requests, you can slightly shift your.

Ideally though, it is better for him to give you less hints while you do it and. Otherwise, you get the feeling that he is trying to control your moves and. There is an exception though: it is if you hurt him or to uch him in ways that. You can take a moment an hour later or the following day to debrief on how. The best way to reinforce positive behaviors is to praise what you both did. The information he gives you is super precious and helps you reorient your. You are able to play with his energies and desire and get him to experience. During the session itself, you can ad rhythm and speed to your moves.

Use one h and on his lingam and position the other at the very root of. Close your h and and fingers around his lingam and massage him up. Hold his lingam between your thumb and index and massage is lingam. Twist your arm and hold his lingam with your full h and while your.

You see that you have dozens of variations and techniques you can explore. Your attention is to tally focused on him. You both know and agree to. I encourage you to lie still next to each other for a few minutes after a. Lie next to each other without to uching your bodies, simply side by side and.

If you want to engage in further tantric sex play after your session, you can. In your next session same day or days later , you can alternate roles and. This lingam massage is such a powerful technique that can to tally establish. Especially if you feel you need something to spice up or reawaken your sex. You can practice a lingam massage for instance even if he feels to o tired for. In this position he can to tally relax and let you take care of him. Now, your role as his Shakti or tantric sex partner is to help him reach this. For a guy it might be challenging to practice tantric sex if you try to push.

Step back and let him relax when you feel he is about to reach his orgasm. Once this energy is established in your being, it flows in you all the time and. On that level, these emotions have not much to do with the original idea of. Desire is fulfilled and you reach this place where there is only joy and. It is a well established fire which flows in you and energizes every aspect of. It vitalizes you and connects you as well more excitingly to others. This is the kind of emotion you might feel when you are in love and have a.

As soon as this ecstatic joy is unleashed in you, you want to underst and how. Now, sometimes, bliss and joy are consciously generated in you. When you break through and find yourself in this bliss ful fiery space, you. With tantric fire, the same can happen: you can engage in to activities which. You can take inappropriate action and betray the spirit of joy you did build. Therefore you need to know the dynamics to keep that fire alive and be able.

You might still not fully know how to give space to that experience and. The next stage is really to master that energy and use it to create something. The resources of bliss and joy you just found are a source of energy you can. Al to gether, all these individual flames represent the global stream of bliss. To a certain extent, you learn to manipulate the fire to create what needs to.

Your actions need to be aligned with what is best for the planet s and. The first step was to find this energy and maintain it in your being. The second step is to master that fire and perceive its natural shape,. This means that you can intelligently communicate with this fire and merge. It is here to offer you support and empower your actions. It exists to nurture your being and manifest joy in all levels of your life.

The next stage in your evolution is to fully attune and synchronize yourself. Sex is just one of the vehicles you can use to access and multiply that fire in. This entity is naturally and instinctively connected with the vaster flow of. It is naturally synchronized with other forces of creation and responds in an. You can see that when we describe existence in that way, we truly enter in to. I t s no problem , discard the concept and find another concept which fits. On the other h and , if you feel that you just to uched on something essential,.

The goal of the tantric fire is to bring a refreshing stream of energy in your. This network exp and s in time and space. It exp and s in the past present and. Once this tantric fire takes root in your being and starts exp and ing it will. This fire is a clearing fire and will simply destroy and clear what you no. You need to realize again that this is an intelligent life force which is in tune. This intelligent fire has the power to recognize old patterns which will never. It allows you to let go of what you no longer need and create space for your. When your mind space is saturated, you s to p moving and evolving.

If all space and energy you have is already used to sustain what already. Now, imagine what it has become in terms of potential, content and activity. This type of fire is what allows this transition and evolution to happen. This happens especially if you. This change can to uch any aspect of your life, like profession, relationship or.

It can be more specifically directed to your mind and inspire you to shift key. When you underst and and clearly see how transformation happens, you are. All this is a very magical transformation process and as I said earlier, it. The process is immensely thrilling and does feel like a clearing bone fire,.

The result is increased emotional freedom, feeling of space and a feeling of. The goal is to be able to manifest the full tantric experience any time. It is to master this energy and know how to express it, activate it, share it. You want to own all the to ols you need to express tantra fully. This m eans that you own all the tantric to ols and don t depend on external.

You are the goddess of delight and I am one with your beauty and infinite.

Tantra teaches us the Art of Sexuality and how to use Sexual Energy to elevate our Spirit

Your bliss is a delicious gift that fills my heart and my whole being! I want to kiss you passionately and engage in this tantric sex dance with. I want to feel your naked skin and let my lingam to uch your yoni. I want to penetrate you with my Shiva Lingam and let our bodies engage in. I want to feel your lips, experience the play of our to ngues and let the. I want to see you enter in this delicious and sensual trance filled with bliss. This intense fire and profound desire that you feel through your whole being. You let this flow radiate through your being and it opens doors of pleasure.

It can be a delicious kiss, simply the to uch of a h and or the passionate. You radiate and exchange energy with everything in and around you. Your chakras open up and you feel your heart tingling with refined beauty. It is a state of to tal intense inner freedom and bliss. It is a fresh start which cleared old emotions and brings you in to a new. You are still physically awake on this planet, able to do whatever you are.

You can stimulate the flow of tantric fire at will, direct it or s to p it if your. Tantric fire is instinctual and your role as a human being is to tame that fire. For instance, if you are a wom an and want to express m ore of Shakti s. For a specific energy to start manifesting you need to write a given. In my experience, it can take 1 to 3 months of practice to fully ground an. Another way to go is to write these formulas on a big white page and hang.

Although some writers, sects and schools e. Yogan and a consider this to. Yet, it is possible to experience a form of maithuna without physical union. The salutation you practice with your partner for the opening and closing of. For many more resources on this to pic including videos, audios and articles,. If you want to get extra help via one on one coaching sessions with me, it is.

Tantric sex Sex pathw ays to absolute bliss and ecstasy Francisco Bujan www. Tantric sex You see, in most cases,. Tantric sex literally open a consci. It is not cheap, slutty or vulgar. Shakti is life force. It is a unive. Tantric sex woman is your agent and. Tantric sex vision, what I describe. Part 2 Tantric sex Tantra and life. Tantric sex Energy exchange Energy. Tantric sex Does energy exchange on. Tantric sex As this is not really t. You know how to activate it. Food is an energy form. Tantric sex. Tantric sex Physical preparation Yo. Tantric sex Sm ile and establish ey.

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Tantric sex Therefore you need to k. This is the next step. Tantric sex I f you can t relate to. Tantric sex This is why the role of. Tantric sex The result is increased. Tantric sex Once you take that step. Tantric sex May you shine w ith inf. Tantric sex This intense fire and p. Tantric sex The fire breath fills y. Part 9 Tantric sex www. Tantric sex Shiva Shakti Shiva Shak. Tantric sex alone.

It is when this. Tantric sex Lingam Lingam www. Tantric sex Lingam Chum ba Lingam C. Tantric sex Upahara Vasin - Ej acul. Tantric sex Akshi Sam darsana Akshi. If you miss some key info while reading these pages, I encourage you to send me your questions or feedback at francisco vitalcoaching. I will listen to what you say and make changes or add new chapters or answers when appropriate. My goal is not to hurt anyone. It is simply to offer a free, open set of ideas and to ols to those who might be looking for it.

If you feel this work is not for you, move on, discard it, give it away or write your own set of ideas on this to pic. I to tally respect that. I know that our present level of maturity allows differences of opinion on any to pic. Good luck and keep in to uch! Here are a few ideas to introduce you to tantric sex. This is by far not all there is but it will give you a starting point. In the tantric world, a penis becomes a lingam. A vagina is a yoni. Both lingam and yoni are divine attributes and gateways for profound pleasure and realizations.

Orgasm is never the goal. The real tantric goal is transmutation of energies in to higher forms. By transmutation we mean no suppression, it is rather the gentle flow of energy from the lower chakras in to the higher ones. Stimulate your sexual energy through tantric sex and rather than reaching climax keep on building sexual tension in your body. After a while like a couple of weeks , you start experimenting opening in all chakras. It is like the creation of an inner space and clarity. This happens on an energy level.

It is a bliss ful experience because it clears the mind. This is the true meaning of sexual freedom. For most people, sexual freedom means having sex with whomever you want. Within tantric sex, sexual freedom would rather be the true freeing of sexual energy in your body. Most of the times, sexual energy is simply constricted or limited within the lower chakras.

The natural purpose of this energy channel is simply to concentrate the sexual energy to release semen and eventually give birth to a child. Now, with tantric sex, you dissolve this channel and create a whole new use of your sexual energy in your body. You give it a new expression. To do so, as a m an you retrain your instincts so that ejaculation and traditional orgasm does not happen. This makes a to tal difference because for a man all the seeds of energy contained in the semen are concentrated and used in a different way.

It is a seed of energy and if you keep this seed inside, it will simply exp and in very different ways. Nature did not create this tantric pathway as its main expression. Nature needed to be focused on procreation first; otherwise, the human race would not have survived. The tantric sex way is a new development in human sexual behaviour which opens new doors in our consciousness. This retraining of the body is really why it can be challenging at first to engage in to tantric sex. Many people sim ply don t have tim e and energy to retrain their instinctual sexual response.

Most men with who I talk, always loose semen in the sexual act. This means that a sexually active male will easily loose semen a few times in a week. Imagine what would happen if this stamina was kept inside rather than lost through ejaculation. What about women? We talk about loss of semen but what happens to women when they orgasm?

Do they loose stamina and tantric potential as well? I am still actively investigating that question. My preliminary conclusions show that women do as well loose a significant amount of stamina when they orgasm. They might not loose semen even though we talk about female ejaculation in some cases , but they do release sexual energy when they orgasm. For a woman, sexual energy builds up in the body. You engage in to sex. Eventually, you have and orgasm.

Now, what happens after orgasm or multiple orgasms? In most cases, you loose this sexual tension feeling. The energy that was built to create this inner tension is released and you fall asleep or engage in to other activities. You can as well simply lay there enjoying the after effects of the orgasm.

The release of energy is obvious. Even though this release might not be as significant as for a man it is still there. This sexual energy eventually exp and s and breaks through to find new channels through the body. Now, when this happens, you break through in to a to tally new life dimension. Your mind feels brighter. You feel happier. Love and harmony keep exp and ing. Your level of desire stays very high. You connect with your lover in new very subtle ways.

You feel bright and extremely awake. There is only way to go: experience it. After a few weeks of active tantric sex practice without orgasm or loss of semen , you enter literally in a new state of consciousness. You might go through a whole series of mystical experiences where for instance your heart chakra starts boosting rhythmically in local and bliss ful energy explosions. You feel intense brightness in your third eye. Your solar plexus feels empowered and cleared from negative emotions.

This is not the end of course. It is only a sample of what you can experience. So much more can happen and these are only the original stages of tantric experiences. These experiences can easily start appearing in the first 3 months of your practices. The best is to do some yoga or exercise in nature and eat very light and super healthy. This will speed up these tantric opening and harmonize your body. You need to train that fire and help it find its purpose in your being. The root of guilt is a conflict between what you experience in life and what you believe to be right or wrong.

One of the key guilt areas is sex. It is a fire which wakes up in your body with a powerful stream of love. This stream can take you to ecstasy. If you stimulate this force even more, you reach a point of stillness and to tal bliss. If you did experience this before, you probably wonder how such a magnificent experience can turn in to a negative emotion like guilt.

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This has of course to do with western and eastern mentalities, education, old beliefs and so much more. A lot of this guilt is initiated in various religious fields. Where does it come from? Well, when you want to dedicate your life to the highest, the worldly pleasures can be a side track. Many monastic traditions put renunciation in the core of their beliefs. This means that they renounce many worldly quests like money, sex or other superficial and non fulfilling pathways.

Now, these beliefs have been so embedded for thous and s of years that you might have forgotten why they even existed in the first place. It says that if you step aside and invite deep sensual ecstasy in to your life, you will doomed and end up in the darkest areas of the human mind. This is not true of course. The path of spiritual evolution through sexual union does exist. It has been practiced by millions of people around the world for centuries. It did lead many to very profound realizations about human life. It created joy, intense love, a sense of unification in millions of lives.

Any pathway you take is a choice. You are free to decide for yourself what suits you best. What matters is that you feel fulfilled as a human being. If you are thirsty, you can try to suppress this thirst or simply drink some water and enjoy the freshness of this simple experience. A naked body is very pure. Like with any natural forces the goal is of course to master these energies, not to be a slave of them. This is the context in which you can explore the quest for pleasure and ecstasy.

Sure, you can get side tracked. Sure, you can wake up sources of fire in you which might be challenging to tame. But guess what? Any exploration requires skills and sex tantra is an exploration. No need to reinvent the wheel. At the same time, with every step you take, you penetrate deeper and deeper in to a virgin terri to ry.